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Dirty Bomb Hack
09.08.2015, 20:16

Nothing Special. Just something i threw together from bits people asked me to make them. Thought might aswell throw it up here.

Could have bugs i don't play game enough to test it.
Dirty Bomb Hack For NA/EU! 

Quick Gameplay Video
Following video demonstrate a quick gameplay experience with the hack.


  • Aimbot - Aim at enemy players.
  • AutoFire - Auto shots at enemy players (Does not use Ammo).
  • Alive Players - Draws text on left side of screen showing alive enemy players in red.
  • ESP - Draws a box around ememy players.
  • Health Bars - Shows Enemy players Health under them.
  • No Recoil - Weapon stays constant while firing.
    No Recoil.
  • Name Stealer - When using Aimbot; your players name will be changed to the victims.


  • Turn OFF any Anti-Virus software!
  • Download the ZIP and extract it to somewhere.
  • Download an injector.
  • DO NOT open the game! First run the Injector as administrator.
  • Select the DLL file from the extracted location by clicking appropriate button.
  • Set Injection Method to Standard and select Auto inject.
  • Type the process name as "ShooterGame-Win32-Shipping.exe" (without quotes).
  • Leave it in background and now start the game.
  • It'll inject the DLL into process and close itself. Now Enjoy!
  • Press Home (POS1 for EU keyboards) to activate hack. Then press NUMPAD* to open/close menu.


  • @Hooah07
  • @Zoomgod
  • @uNrEaL
  • @TheFeckless
  • @Geecko
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